Through the use of reflective materials, PLAY-LINE turf marking paint stands out significantly compared to conventional paint. Its luminosity is multiplied via floodlighting in addition.


    PLAY LINE can be applied during foggy or damp weather and even while light rainfalls. Therefore short term field marking - right before kickoff – is virtually regardless of the weather realisable.


    As an elastic paint, PLAY-LINE adapts to the growth of turf up to a certain extent.


    Quick and easy decisions due to brighter lines.


    PLAY LINE can be easily applied to field marking tools.


The brightest field marking paint for your athletic field striping.PLAY-LINE athletic striping paint was developed within the last 3 years by Mr. Christian Menhart (Greenkeeper) in collaboration with a chemist at the international paint industry. The paint is characterized by the following optimal properties:

  • biodegradable and environmentally safe
  • extra save to the skin (open sores)
  • very hardwearing and exceptionally durable
  • high stretchability (no tearing due to grass growth)
  • application in rain and humidity possible
  • outstanding visibility and optimal brightness
  • special light reflection due to additional incorporated particles that give 4 to 6 times higher opacity compared to current products of other suppliers
  • cheaper price due to high fertility
  • dries quickly

PLAY-LINE´s products grant improved marking detection for referees and allows them to take quicker and easier decisions. Esspecially in matches without linesman, PLAY LINE striping paint assists the referee greatly. Morover spectators benefit from the increased visibility of markings on the opposing half of the playing field. Even from the other end of the pitch – PLAY-LINE markings are always easily recognizable.